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WEGO Where You Go

Your last mile delivery logistics business

WEGO Couriers is your expert city logistics business, providing a fast, flexible and reliable door to door, last mile delivery service to suit the needs of your business.

No longer will you have to worry about traffic congestion or storage issues, WEGO can hold and deliver your valuable items from our central Parcel Hub so you can call items off, as and when required. Plus, unlike other couriers, we’ve also created a speedy and eco-friendly solution by utilising existing space on trains to courier your items to various hubs across the UK.

Whether it’s an important letter, document, package or parcel, you’ll be saving valuable time, money and effort, as well as helping the environment, each time you use our green logistics business. What’s more, we can even provide last mile delivery and storage services for events equipment and your furniture items too.

What makes WEGO different?

WEGO embrace existing transport networks, linking the busy Midlands area to London. When it comes to being carbon neutral, WE GO all the way by using eco-friendly vans, bicycles and trains to deliver your letters, packets and parcels.

What’s more, you won’t have to deal with a busy call centre – just dial ONE number to speak to our friendly team.



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